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Improving the odds
Some resume companies guarantee the earth but deliver very little in reality. Whatever anyone says no resume can guarantee you a job. Unlike some other companies we don't state this anywhere on our site because it just isn't true.

However, what a well worded, optimized, specifically targeted resume can do for you though is to improve the odds of you landing your dream job.

We receive a great many resumes. Some are completely error-strewn and very poorly presented. At the other end of the scale we occasionally receive very good resumes to improve yet further. However the vast majority of the resumes we receive fall within the 'average' or 'OK' bracket.

If you are one of the vast majority and have an average resume it doesn't mean to say that you won't get interviews; on the contrary, people still land interviews with average resumes.

The main stumbling block comes when you apply for a job and come up against a candidate or candidates with professionally revised resumes, or even just slightly better resumes than yours. This can happen for any job but is increasingly common the higher you go up the career ladder. To get a foothold on the ladder and work your way to the top you need to be able to compete, or better still out-do the other applicants. Even if you are the best candidate for the job, if your resume isn't the best one the employer receives you could well miss out on your dream job.

As stated, no one can guarantee you a job just from your resume. However what we can say, in all confidence, is that your chances of landing an interview (& ultimately the job of your dreams) increase dramatically if you have a high quality resume such as the superior quality resumes we create using our specially developed own in-house method.

That is where we come in. We can't guarantee you a job, but we can certainly dramatically improve your chances of getting more interviews. After that it is up to you and your interview technique. But in order to land an interview in the first place you need to improve your odds, and the best way to improve your odds is to improve your resume. Admittedly we are slightly biased but we also genuinely believe that you will not get a better resume anywhere else. We also genuinely believe you won't get better value for money elsewhere either

The Best Investment You'll Ever Make?
We can't say for sure that your Resume Consultancy resume will be the best investment you'll ever make, but it could be! We know from our research and feedback that our resumes work. They can dramatically improve your chances of interview, and ultimately your chances of landing your dream job.

Please see some of our 100% genuine testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers.

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The resume service provides professional resume writing services. Our experienced resume consultants / resume writers are very much in demand but will be happy to help you improve your job prospects. Each of our full-time Senior Consultants are seasoned resume writing professionals and are more than just typical certified resume writers but have genuine writing talent, writing backgrounds and are highly qualified in their own right. We welcome any views or feedback and welcome you to view testimonials from some of our many highly satisfied clients. You are welcome to contact us or discover more about our service by clicking here. Our resumes are of the highest quality and represent truly excellent career investments and outstanding value for money.

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If you do not want professional help, but want try to write your own resume then Total is an innovative resume builder with samples and advice.

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