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Professional Resume Writing Service

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We are happy to offer our clients a choice Certified Resume Writer qualified resume writers or if you prefer a top-quality writer with genuine academic qualifications then we can assign you your own personal masters degree qualified consultant. In fact, one of our consultants is both masters degree qualified and has Certified Resume Writer qualifications.

Mike is a registered member of both the National Resume Writer's Association and the International Association for Career Coaches and also holds a masters degree, whilst Kathie and Paul both masters degree qualified with genuine writing talent, vast experience, and genuine academic qualifications (masters degrees).

We should point out that we strongly believe that membership of a certifying body isn't a definitive yardstick to a resume writer's ability. Just as people with the same high school diploma may have achieved a pass but with varying GPA's, the same can be said of certification. There are several certifying bodies, each using different methods. Moreover, many of the members who pass the exams will be of varying standards.

Certification is also somewhat restrictive in the sense that some certifying bodies like to impose fixed rules/methods on the way they think a resume should be written. This is sometimes counter-productive as resume writing needs a degree of flexibility and scope to be creative if need be.

Whilst resume quality is subjective to some degree, we generally concur with the school of thought that a typical certified style resume is somewhat limited, and the best resumes are more flexible and creative. This possibly explains why Paul and Kathie’s especially developed in-house flexible writing methods are very much in demand, and explains why their reputation is such that they always have a waiting list of customers eager to pay for their expert writing services. At the end of the day if you want to stand out from the crowd and want something more than a typical run-of-the-mill ‘certified resume’ then you need a resume writer with exceptional talent and creativity. If you are serious about landing the job of your dreams then you need the best possible resume, and you will not find better resume writers anywhere else than you will right here.

At we have 100% confidence in the ability of our highly experienced and talented consultants, and do not impose any artificial rules on their work or creativity. Unlike some companies who try to fit the resume to meet some pre-determined artificial criteria like a round peg in a square hole, our consultants have the expertise, and are allowed the freedom, to write the best resumes for the client.

Often this takes extra time, lateral thinking and perhaps more work on formatting variations etc. The end result however is better job-winning resumes for our clients.

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The resume service provides professional resume writing services. Our experienced resume consultants / resume writers are very much in demand but will be happy to help you improve your job prospects. Each of our full-time Senior Consultants are seasoned resume writing professionals and are more than just typical certified resume writers but have genuine writing talent, writing backgrounds and are highly qualified in their own right. We welcome any views or feedback and welcome you to view testimonials from some of our many highly satisfied clients. You are welcome to contact us or discover more about our service by clicking here. Our resumes are of the highest quality and represent truly excellent career investments and outstanding value for money.

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